Football Catch Lite App Reviews

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Don't get this stupid game

The game won't even let me click the start button it's full of crap with bad programming

Do Not Download This Game!!!!

Please God, whatever you do- do not download this game, Ever!! It is horrible and I couldn't even play it so just by the horrible design of this crap game, it doesn't even get two star. I hated this game a lot and I'm giving it 1stars, and I wouldn't even give it a 3 rating. Don't download.

0 stars

It isn't even worth 1 star it just has a blank screen

Don't get it!

I downloaded not listening to the reviews and it didn't work the first time I tried it!!! It really isn't worth it.


Every time your about to catch the ball it Changes, bad animation, and those people in the background are so annoying! I give it a -10!


It makes me want to EAT MY OWN BARF❕❕❕❕❕❕want to give it 0 stars


I wanted to give zero stars


It just went to a blank screen

Blank screen

Tried download but it just goes to a blank screen

Don't download..

It's not terrible but the game throws the ball in the corner sometimes where it's literally impossible to catch. There's no point in playing this game if you can't even get a high score.

Don't work

This app doesn't work and every time I try to play the game it goes to the home screen and after that it goes to a blank screen



What the!!!!!

It works if you want a black screen fix now


Ever time I click on it it won't let me play fix it NOW!!!!!!!!

Novelty wears off in about 30 sec.

Not a terrible game, but very one dimensional. Gets old super fast. Hate to knock a free game. Download it, try it and delete it- like I did.

Don't work

Each time I start it up the screen goes black fix so I can play! 

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